What is your water day?

For some, the day they get access to safe water will be one of the best days of their life.

Give Someone Their

Water Day

The moment that gave you so much joy you couldn't help but jump up and down. The time you were so inspired by hope it brought tears to your eyes. The day you said you would remember forever. We honor these special moments as we celebrate Water Day 2014, because, for many, the day they get access to safe water is one they will never forget.

For $25 you can give someone a water day.


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Kenya, Africa

In honor of Water Day, Water.org has joined up with Instagram creators to capture some special water days throughout Kenya. Starting March 19th follow Benjamin Heath, Steph Goralnick, Simone Bramante and Water.org on Instagram.


Your Water Day

What's your water day? Using Instagram share one of your best moments with us by tagging the photo #waterday. And, for each photo donated to Water.org via the Donate A Photo app, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to help give someone their water day.*

Your shared photos will appear below as we celebrate best days all around the world.

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